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    has been in existence since 1996 and has been a member of Welthaus Bielefeld since 2006. Our goal is to support indigenous peoples in the Sierra Tarahumara region in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.
    These peoples are faced with a variety of problems: poverty and underdevelopment, alienation from their own culture and language, violations of land rights, and extreme violence carried into this remote region by the Mexican drug cartels. In addition, there have been serious environmental problems in the past few years: the exploitation of the forests causes soil erosion, drought destroys the harvests, and again and again there are famines.

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    Together with our Mexican partner organization, the Alianza Sierra Madre, we provide help for self-help from Europe. We organize events that provide information on Mexico, the Sierra Tarahumara region, and the indigenous peoples living there and send updates with the recent information. By means of donations and the establishment of a network of national and international contacts we support the people in the Sierra Tarahumara region.

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Workshops - Starting Points of Self-Determined Development

The Alianza Sierra Madre pursues a philosophy of self-help. The indigenous communities do not need to be smothered by the concepts and plans of outsiders. Instead the work begins with multi-day workshops,


Sustainable Agriculture

Due to the progressive deforestation of the Sierra Tarahumara region, the drought periods triggered by this, and increasing soil erosion, the income of indigenous communities is declining.

The Women of Baborigame

In 1998 about thirty women from the municipality of Baborigame in the south of the Sierra Tarahumara region founded the Cooperative Mujeres Indígenas Tarahumaras y Tepehuanas A.C. (MITYTAC). The name expresses the way women from two different indigenous peoples,


Provision of Drinking Water

The indigenous communities in the Sierra Tarahumara are increasingly struggling with ecological problems. As a result of the deforestation of the mountains, which were once densely wooded, the water table is out of balance and the quantity of precipitation is dropping.

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