Give me kórima, Chabochi,
I am a Tarahumara
From Guachochi or Carichí,
Son of the Sun and the Moon,
Who have brought me here,
In thy land, which was mine,
Where I am a stranger to you,
Where I live like an outcast,
Where I have no share in wealth!

Román Corral

Kórima is a word from the language of the Tarahumara and denotes a traditional form of social commitment to mutual aid and support. Whoever prospers has the duty to give the needy something of their possessions, the needy have the right, in their distress, to demand their part in the possessions of the prosperous. Kórima is not alms. Whoever tries to earn their livelihood on their own and yet is compelled to ask for kórima, does so at no loss to their reputation. Whoever denies kórima loses their respect. Kórima is reciprocal: the participant is obliged to help the giver in a similar situation. This is how kórima establishes a social relationship between equals.

In this way important principles of our association are addressed: Kórima e.V. supports disadvantaged indigenous populations in the north of Mexico. We provide help for self-help. The goal is the self-determined development of the indigenous communities. The basis of our work is the idea of ​​One World.